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Custom Ice Melt Systems

Icicles hanging off rain gutters — Ice Dam Removal in Worcester, MA
Massachusetts winters wreak havoc on homes if they aren't protected. A. Eagle Gutters protects your home from ice dams and frozen gutters with the most efficient, highest-quality heating cables available. Let us design a custom ice melt system for your home and stop ice damage before it starts.

What are ice dams?

Heat escapes from your home’s interior into the attic and warms the roof. Melted snow and ice run to the unheated overhang and into your cold gutters. The water freezes there and builds up, creating great strain on your roof and gutters.
Eventually, that frozen dam of ice backs up on your roof and traps water behind it. This trapped sitting water can find ways through the roofing material into your attic, causing costly water damage to your home’s interior—potentially leading to toxic mold spores—and can make a mess of your roof and gutter systems, as well.
Contact us to protect your home from the brutal winters of Massachusetts.